Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Revealing the mysteries of Stonehenge

Learn more about Stonehenge by navigating this fantastic site from the National Geographic and use the activities below to work on your English skills:

Activity 1:

Watch the video "The Celestial Computer Theory" and answer TRUE or FALSE:

1. The first theory about Stonehenge was that is was some sort of computer.

2. That theory was made by an American scientist.

3. The movements of the sun were not important to the people who built Stonehenge.

4. People knew about the moon and and its movements before they built Stonehenge.

Activity 2:

Watch the video "The Druid Theory" and answer the following questions:

1. According to this theory, who built Stonehenge?

2. Why did they build it?

3. How old is this theory?

4. What clues did the scientists have to support this theory?

5. Why does the scientist in the video think it's not likely that the Druids made Stonehenge?

Activity 3:

Watch the video "The Healing Theory" and complete the sentences with ONE word:

1. There are _________ of theories about Stonehenge.

2. One of those theories says that Stonehenge was a place of _________ .

3. One of the ________used by scientists to support this theory is a story from the Middle Ages of how Merlin wanted to build a memorial for the ________, and they went off to Ireland to collect some __________ because those were the most important in term of their magical properties and their healing properties.

4. One problem with this theory is that there should be a lot of people with health problems buried in this area and the scientists have only found _________ .

Activity 4:

Watch the video "Fantastic Finds" and put a cross next to the objects and places mentioned in the video:

1. a piece of chalk

2. a sword

3. an axe

4. copper

5. cities

6. villages

7. roads

8. houses

Activity 5:

Watch the video "Epic Archeology" and write a parapgraph about the following question: What is the new theory about Stonehenge and what will archeologists do to prove if it's correct?


akhen3sir said...

You might want to spell "revealing" correctly, if you're purporting to teach people English :-)

Pamela.A said...

Thanks for finding the typo; it's been corrected.